Titlow Beach

Titlow Beach

Summary: Just South of Point Defiance Park and with a view of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge this dive site highlights spectacular piling breakwater made of the old ferry dock that has been overgrown by plumose anemones and a host of other sea life. Best to dive during high slack, swimming straight out to the pilings and descending down to the shallow (40′-45′) bottom. Divers can then make an L-shape tour around the pilings. For a second dive, try the wall south of the pilings. Entry is on a shallow rocky beach towards pilings.

Address: 1420 S Wilton Rd, Tacoma, WA 98465

Plan accordingly: Dive within your training, strong currents, should only dive site during slack tide..

Things to see: Giant barnacle, Scalyhead sculpin, Buffalo sculpin, Red irish lord, and California sea cucumber. Wolf eels and giant pacific octopus.

Facilities: Facilities can be found onsite

Dive Map

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