Les Davis Marine Park

Les Davis Marine Park

Summary: Easily accessible dive site that is protected from current and is open around the clock. Old concrete bridge decking provides structure for fish, crab and other marine organisms. The reef is located between 40-70’ deep. Site is accessed via a staircase to the left of the parking lot, divers then head out 60 degrees to the artificial reef of concrete slabs which will be on the right.

Address: 3427 Ruston Way, Tacoma, WA 98402

Plan accordingly: Current may be present, visibility can be affected by freshwater runoff. Make sure to stay clear (100′) of the fishing dock to the right of the dive site.

Things to see: moon snails, sea pens, sunflower stars, blood stars, alabaster nudibranchs

Facilities: located near parking lot

Dive Map

Coming soon.