Northwest Dive & Adventure Travel Expo 2013

I’ll be heading down to the Northwest Dive & Adventure Travel Expo 2013 at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center this weekend to answer questions about scuba diving courses, and help out our friends at Seven Seas Scuba. My favorite classes to chat about are Peak Performance Buoyancy and Digital Underwater Photography.

While not at the booth, I’ll be checking out the cool new gear and tweeting updates throughout the weekend on my personal Twitter account, @scruffydiver. I’m hoping to stop by the DAN (Diver’s Alert Network) booth for first aid & dive safety information, and then the photography section of the convention hall for underwater photography tips & new stuff. Lots of good friends are entering photos in the various photography contests, so I’ll be looking forward to see who won.

Some interesting seminars to check out are an introduction to tides and currents by PADI Course Director Nicolle Pratt, and a fish ID presentation called Rockfish and Greenling and Sculpin, Oh My! by Janna Nichols of REEF. I regularly submit survey data to REEF, while Janna has allowed many of her underwater pictures to be used in our site. Janna is also scheduled to receive a Diver of the Year award from Dive News Network on Saturday night. Other interesting seminars I’ll try to make are about diving in Antarctica, and Giant Pacific Octopus conservation in Puget Sound.

Both our day and night dive tours will be taking place all weekend as scheduled. You can use our online booking form to book your dive or contact us with any questions.