Trip Update: Heading to the Sardine Run in South Africa

I’m currently down in Los Angeles, heading down to Durban for the sardine run off the eastern coast of South Africa. The sardine run in South Africa happens when billions of sardines school up for a spawning event, and then hundreds of thousands of predators converge to eat the fish. Predators include Dolphins, whales, sharks, and seabirds.

We will be spending a week or so cruising around in zodiac boats in scuba gear, hoping to find a feeding event. When we locate an event, we will dive into the water and observe what’s happening, and also hopefully get some good photos and GoPro video.

After the sardine run, we will head down to Cape Town to dive with Cape fur seals and also Great white sharks. While I’m traveling, our PADI- certified Divemasters will be conducting our daily Dive Tours as usual in Seattle.