Apeks XL4 Ocea Regulator Set


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The new sustainable Apeks XL4 Ocea is here.
We utilize the XL4 in our travel sets and in our rental stock.

This regulator set includes 1st stage, primary, alternate and SPG.
With each regulator set purchase we include a SeaCure customizable mouthpiece and an Apeks Tek Gauge (SPG) with elastic keeper and bolt snap.

So just how are these regs sustainable…
💦 Every material and process has been modified to create the most environmentally considerate scuba diving regulator in the world
💦 The Ocea is made from recycled waste (post-consumer) and bio-plastics, AND is manufactured in a solar-powered facility.
💦 It removes five times its own weight in plastic from the environment and every element, from the lead-free brass first stage to the coolant is recycled and used again ♻️
💦 For every Ocea made, 5kg of ocean-bound plastic is collected from coastal communities across the world. The collectors are supported through a premium, which helps support necessities like food, education and health insurance.
♻️ Apeks also have a zero waste to landfill policy, which means general waste is contained and used to make energy within their UK manufacturing.

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Yoke or DIN

Yoke, DIN

Primary Regulator Color

Light Blue, Black/Gray

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