Mid-Winter Night Dive with Harbor Seals

Followers of our blog, twitter, and Facebook posts have heard us mention the Harbor seals that frequently accompany us on our night dives, especially at Seacrest Park Cove 2. Here’s a video from last week taken by Northwest diver Ben Hollis and Seattle Dive Tours Divemaster Chen Hsu. Harbor seals are common in and around Puget Sound, and are one of the most widely distributed Pinnipeds in the world. Harbor seal pups have historically used the beaches in West Seattle to haul out, rest and warm up between foraging sessions in the water. Harbor seals don’t migrate like both the California and Stellar sea lions that our dive tours often see resting on the navigation buoys in Elliott Bay, and instead our local Harbor seals live their lives in the Northwest.

Ben and Chen were doing a night dive at Seacrest Park Cove 2 just after sunset when 3 Harbor seals decided to tag along:

Harbor Seals at Alki Seacrest Cove 2