Harbor Seals join us for a Night Dive

One of the best parts of a night dive are the different animals that come out in the evening hours. Our night dive last week had Harbor seals join us for most of the dive, using our dive lights to hunt for invertebrates.

Harbor seals are fairly common marine mammals in Puget Sound with healthy populations. The can be brown, tan, or grey with spots on their back or underside and weight up to 290 pounds. Harbor seals are “true seals” meaning that they do not have ear like Sea lions do. Harbor seals do not migrate and will live their entire lives within a several square mile area. Our Puget Sound Harbor seal pups are born in late summer and are weaned from their mother after just 30 days.

Diving with Harbor seals can be exciting and a bit nerve wracking at first, as divers get used to having a large wild animal swim along side and dart out in front of them. Harbor seals also tend to swim up from behind divers, so that they are not noticed until you see them out of the corner of your mask. Once divers get used to having Harbor seals in the water, it quickly becomes an entertaining and memorable dive experience.

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