Harbor Seal Pups Need Rest

One of the non profit groups I work with is Seal Sitters, part of the NOAA Fisheries marine mammal stranding network on the west coast. Right now we’re having a bit of trouble with Harbor seal pups being disturbed by humans while resting on Seattle beaches. Our Seattle harbor seal pups need their rest (sometimes up to 12 hours a day) on local Seattle beaches  so they can warm up and conserve calories before resuming their normal feeding activities. While it’s easy to see these cute little guys sitting on the beach alone and think maybe they need help, in fact any human contact could cause them to be abandoned by their mother, or scare the pup off and back into the water instead of warming and resting. If you see a Harbor seal pup on a local Seattle beach, call Seal Sitters at (206) 905-7325. If you see a Harbor seal pup being harassed or in imminent danger, call 911.

At Seattle Dive Tours, we are fortunate to see these beautiful creatures (and their big brothers, California sea lions & Steller sea lions) on an almost daily basis, and we support all efforts to protect Puget Sound marine life, including marine mammals. Ready to see some of these amazing animals? Book your dive today!

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