Giant Pacific Octopus Protection Meeting

I’ll be attending a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife meeting tonight at the Seattle Aquarium. The department is seeking public comments regarding rules to extend protection to the Giant Pacific Octopus in Puget Sound. Currently, the Giant Pacific Octopus is not protected and the Northwest dive community would like to see marine reserves set up with no recreational harvests in several Puget Sound dive sites, including Seacrest Park, Redondo Beach, Three Tree point and others as well.

The Giant Pacific Octopus is one of our most well known species here in Puget Sound and protection would allow divers to experience this amazing creature without threat of harvesting. On guided dive tours where we have had the good fortune to see a Giant Pacific Octopus, our divers report that the sighting was the highlight  of the trip. You can book a guided dive tour online or contact us for more information.