Divers Brave Sub-Freezing Weather to see Giant Pacific Octopus

December Dive Tours in Seattle

December has been busy with divers coming in from the West Coast, the Great Lakes, and the East Coast to experience scuba diving in Puget Sound. Some were on business trips while others had made a special trip out to Seattle just for diving. While most of our divers chose our popular day dive tour, we also had night dives, a PADI Advanced Open Water class, and a PADI Deep Diver class.

An unusual cold snap here in Seattle brought dive site air temperatures down to the low 20’s on many days, but our divers kept warm in the water with our new 7mm Neo Sport 2 piece step in wetsuits and hot soup during surface intervals. Our divers were rewarded with Giant pacific octopus (GPO) sightings on almost every dive, with an especially large Giant pacific octopus at Seacrest Park, just across Elliot Bay from downtown Seattle. During one night dive we had Harbor seals swimming with us for the entire dive, playfully darting in front of us to forage for Spot prawn, Dungeness crab, and flounder. We also observed several pairs of Grunt sculpin sitting on their eggs, Wolf eel, and more than 80 other fish & invertebrate species.

By the 15th, the cold snap had finally broke, bringing Seattle temperatures back to normal. Looking ahead, we tour openings still available for the rest of December and January. You can also find out more about our tour options, see more of the amazing fish & invertebrate life in Puget Sound, or drop us a line with a question.