Three Tree Point

Three Tree Point

Summary: Three Tree has an eel grass bed, followed by a silty bottom and a debris field containing lots of marine life. There are tire reefs, large piles of corrugated pipe, a junk yard of appliances, a few small boats to promote marine life growth. Entry down a short slope sandy beach. Features can be found between 40’-80’ Northwest of public beach access.

Address: 1 SW 3 Tree Point Ln, Burien, WA 98166

Plan accordingly: depth variable, current can be present, check tidal charts and respect private homes nearby. Dive site is open sunrise to sunset.

Things to see: Spiny pink star, Brown rockfish, Coonstripe shrimp, Rock sole, Spotted ratfish, Painted greenling, and even a few Pacific Spiny Lumpsuckers.

Facilities: No public facilities at this dive site.

Dive Map

Dive site map of Three Tree Point