Saltwater State Park

Saltwater State Park

Summary: Public park requires a $10.00 park entrance fee (or use a Washington State Discover Pass). A shallow sandy beach entry leads to a 300 yard surface swim (varies with tide) to a buoy that marks sunken wreck, and the start of the dive. Descend about 25′, where the bottom continues to drop off to 80′-90′. East/west as well as North/south rope lines to follow. Marked lines lead to three parallel artificial reef structures made of boulders and concrete pipes. The reef is also a protected marine sanctuary and harvesting is not allowed.

Address: 25205 8th Pl S, Des Moines, WA 98198

Plan accordingly: Depth variable, strong currents can be present, check tidal charts.

Things to see: Wolf eels, plumose anemone, large rockfish, lingod, and Giant pacific octopus.

Facilities: Multiple in the park including shower near entry point, parking is best early.

Dive Map

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