Seacrest Cove 2

Seacrest Park

Summary: Also commonly referred to as “Alki Cove 2” or just “Cove 2”, this dive site is one of the most popular in Seattle. Stairs on either side lead to a mildly steep rocky beach entry. Dive site has a gradual depth to 90’ with many artificial features that host marine life. No-dive boat lane is marked by 5 yellow buoys.

Address: 1660 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Plan accordingly: Few currents, minimal tidal switch, short swim out. Dive within your training.

Things to see: 9 species of nudibranch, 2 species of octopus, sea stars, sea cucumbers, plumose anemone, chimaera, harbor seals, rockfish, sculpin, lingcod and multiple species of crab

Facilities: public bathrooms, some parking (get there early), rinse showers (closed in winter)

Seacrest Cove 2

Dive Map

Dive site map of Seacrest Park Cove 2