New Scuba Rental Gear Is Here

Over the past few weeks we have made some new additions to our scuba rental gear selection for dive tours. First up we have purchased more our our 7mm Neo Sport 2 piece wet suits and accessories. The last suit in our order, a men’s extra small, just arrived today. We offer women’s even sizes 4-14, and men’s sizes XS through 3XL! With our larger wet suit size range, almost everyone will have the best fit possible, which in turn will mean greater warmth and comfort while on a dive tour. We also now have multiple suits in our most popular sizes, so each wet suit can go out fewer times and have more time to “rest” between uses.

Scuba Rebtal Gear

Scuba Rental Gear

We’ve also added new 7mm booties, hoods and gloves. Our largest bootie is now a men’s size 14, and I’m just waiting for a diver to need a size that big so we can use it. Four new DUI weight harnesses also arrived recently. For anyone who has struggled with a traditional weight belt (and that includes almost everyone), a weight harnesses is a miracle. They work by distributing the weight over your shoulders for extra support and security, plus they can be worn lower on the hips than a weight belt, improving buoyancy and trim. Our DUI weight harnesses are available in small, medium, or large so each diver has the best possible fit.

Cylinders have also been upgraded, and we are now using low-pressure steel XS Scuba 80’s. We chose steel cylinders for their better buoyancy characteristics over aluminum. Steel cylinders are also heavier at the start of the dive and do not become negatively buoyant at the end of the dive, so the diver can carry less weight in their BCD or weight belt. Low pressure means that behind the scenes our cylinders will fill faster with our needing to be “topped off”. The lower fill pressure also benefits compressors, as they don’t have to work as hard to fill each cylinder and maintenance costs will be reduced. Finally, increasing our cylinder size to 80- cubit feet (our older cylinders had a slightly smaller volume) allows a longer dive to for our divers.

Our goal of continuously updating and improving our scuba rental gear selection means that you can relax and enjoy your dive tour while visiting Seattle. When you are ready, visit our Guided Dive Tours page and join us for an adventure!

Heading off to DEMA Show 2013



I’m flying off to DEMA Show 2013 (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association) this morning for a week of scuba industry training and seminars in Orlando. Florida. While there, I’ll be hearing about the latest training updates, getting caught up on risk management, and taking in lots of marketing and industry news. When not in sessions, I’ll be checking out the convention floor, seeing all the new diving products and travel destinations for 2014. Looking at my schedule, the next three days will be pretty jam packed, but I’m hoping to also connect with my professional peers and meet new people as well.

Back in Seattle, our Divemasters will be leading our dive tours daily, taking visitors on beautiful scuba diving tours of Puget Sound. You can also check out our Facebook page for updates on diving activities (and to see if our K & J pod Orca are back  playing in front of downtown Seattle). You can also follow us on twitter for more news & updates from DEMA Show 2013.

New Oceanic Scuba V12 and V16 Fins

Oceanic fins used by Seattle Dive Tours

Oceanic fins used by Seattle Dive Tours

We’ve just received our new Oceanic Scuba V12 and V16 fins for dive tour and rental use. These fins replace our Mares and Scubapro fins. The new fins will go into dive tour use this week and we are hoping for good feedback from our divers as the new fins will offer better buoyancy characteristics, a more comfortable fit, and increased durability over our older fins.